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ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen review

Jun 23, 2023

REVIEW – As a part of the ongoing remodeling of my basement, I have included some of the latest technology including current business Access Points, Smart Switches and Dimmers, and a host of other technology gadgets. All of the smart switches that I have installed are in the form of conventional-looking toggle switches that connect to wifi and perform their functions that way. The ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen is a new type of switch for my environment that introduces technology that I do not have in that manner for lighting functionality, so I am excited to see how it works.

The ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen is a Single Pole, 3 Way Wi-Fi Dimmable Light Switch that works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Home Talk.

1. One creative new way to play with the switch① Touch or swipe the panel to set your 1% high-precision dimming.② Manage scenes with one touch③ Four ways to control: Touchscreen panel, App Control, Voice Control, and Physical Button

2. More than a Smart Dimmer Switch① Voice intercom and home broadcast② Know your time and weather on a vibrant screen.

3. Easy to use① Easy to install: Fix standard junction boxes and easily replaces existing switch.② Works with Alexa, Google Assistant

The ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen is an enclosed smart switch in a plastic case with the 4 connection wires already attached on the back. On the front, there is a touchscreen.

The received two ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switches with Touchscreen, so I decided to replace two existing side-by-side switches. The installation was quite simple especially since the wires are already attached to the ORVIBO switch. As soon as I made the necessary electrical connections and turned the circuit breaker back on, the switches lit up and were ready to be programmed and used. I programmed the standalone settings that I could from the touchscreen, and then I downloaded and created an account in the app. One of the screens on the ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen provides a QR Code that makes connecting to your wireless network very easy and straightforward. The rest of the steps involve naming and entering your preferences. I was also able to use the Skills setting in the Amazon Alexa app to easily connect with the switch. Controlling it with voice via Alexa works well.The following are some screenshots from the app:

Here is a summary video of the switches and a glimpse of the screens/options that are available:

The ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen is a really nice switch that looks like the latest technology should and performs well. It offers nice functionality and is a breeze to install. Very nice switch option for those who love smart technology.

Price: $79.00Where to buy: AmazonSource: The sample of this product was provided by Orvibo

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